Black And White

by Devil In The Details

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released May 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Devil In The Details Omaha, Nebraska

Exploding into the Omaha music scene in early 2014 with the release of their first music video in January, and a debut performance to an over-capacity crowd at Omaha's Sokol Underground in April. In less than a year, Devil in the Details have played all across the midwest, sharing the stage with post-hardcore and metalcore acts like Beartooth, For All Those Sleeping, Secrets, Dance Gavin Dance. ... more

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Track Name: Black & White
Come show me what
Perfect is
I forget from time to time
Make me realize
Why I am living this life
I never thought
I'd have to be the one who leaves
You pushed me past my breaking point
This wasn't what I was meant for
How could I live so blind
In the dark for so long
Help me see again
Show me how
To get back on my feet
I'm asking you to tell me what I need
It feels like I am touching ground
But my head is in the clouds
Show me how to breath again
I'm digging my own grave
How do you know me
You don't know yourself
In this picture painted world
We are all black and white
Everything has changed
But I'm still acting the same
Courageously going insane
Let me go
Let me believe
I am all that I need
Show me how to breath again
In the end I said we we're friends
Truth be told
You're a waste of my time
In the end we are all
Black and White
Track Name: Drifter
You live your life
At the bottom of the bottle
To hide from your own ghost
I'll never understand
Why we're out for blood
When it's all said and done
What have you won
You fake mother fucker
Stuck in your negativity
Of your insecurities
You live off the marks
That I've made for myself
I picked you up when you were down
Earthquakes shaking solid ground
I'll take you by your hand
And show you the world
I see you living inside a hollow shell
I'll show you everything you had to live for
You don't have a problem
You're the problem
I showed you love
Everything that you would need
Now I can see
That was all for nothing
The lies you tell are as heavy as the burdens on your back
I gave you your crutch
I'm as guilty as much
But now I see
You are killing me
At the end of the day
We both know
I'll be more of a man
Than you will ever be
The difference between you and me
I was built on tragedy
You were built on greed
Track Name: Live To Tell
Seven month to live
I don't know if I can do this again
Watching you decay
There's no savior
If you can't
Save yourself
Let's go back
To the day when things were easier
We can hide from the past
Like we always have
Don't we live like kids these days
Dancing on our own grave
Please don't turn the lights off
For I've lived in the dark for far too long
Your mistakes
Won't fade away
Inhale this smoke
Breath in cancer
Live In nightmares
Sleep in reality
Tell me why
Why you want to die
Tell me why
You cry yourself to sleep at night
What a shame
It is to live this way
Shallow and Cold
Life takes it toll
You have lost control
I'm sorry I
Couldn't make it home
I'm sorry I
Couldn't make it home
After all we fell apart a long time ago
I've bottled it down for so many years
I've discovered what made you end up here
I'm sorry, I'm sorry I am so fucking sorry
I am so sorry
I never made it home
Track Name: Gentlemen
In hopes this day
would never come
Now that it's here
What do I do
I refuse therapy
The words they say Describe me perfectly
Call me a mess
Unstable at best
Depression is killing me as I live day by day
Trying to figure out
what's best for me
Get out of my head
I need a reason to wake up
I need to find me again
I'm doing everything I thought was right
But they're feeding me lies
I need a reason to wake up
I need to find me again
I'm not the man you want to understand
I'm no gentlemen
Reality isn't what were
taught to believe
learn to live with passive eyes
in the face of adversity
I'll make more out of my destiny
Without my past oversight
There would be no evolution
For my step, my step, my step.
I'm not happy with myself
I've lost my steps along the way
I'm always searching for somebody else
Burning that bridge
Was the greatest thing I ever did
A wake up call
Before I ended it all
Has it come to this
To just exist
I refuse to just exist
Now can you see
I am no gentlemen